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Milton Bridge Raku Glazes

Unleash the captivating allure of Japanese Pottery with our sensational glaze collection! Each of our 10 glazes promises a thrilling and unique experience with every firing.

Get ready for artistic wonders- these glazes create mesmerizing metallic lustres and enchanting crackle patterns. Their unpredictable nature adds an element of surprise, varying with the type of clay, application thickness, and firing method you choose.

Versatility at its best- fire them up in electric or gas kilns - the choice is yours!

Safety first- Our lead-free glaze is a treat for the eyes, but please note it's not recommended for food contact due to the raw materials used.

Prepare to be amazed- the images serve as a guide, but brace yourself for the magic of the Raku firing process - expect a whirlwind of colours and appearances, uniquely your own.

Ready to create? Here's the recipe for success: Apply three coats, let each layer dry, and stir well for perfection.

Set your kiln temperature between 920°C - 1050°C and let the magic happen for 30 minutes to an hour. Then, take your masterpiece out and dive into the thrill of dropping it into a can full of media. Finally, cool it down in water and watch the masterpiece emerge.

Unleash your creativity with these exceptional glazes and dive into the world of extraordinary Japanese Pottery!