Kiln Elements, Element Wire & Connectors

We rarely stock Cromartie kiln elements as we manufacture replacements to order. We can provide elements to suit the wide range of our previously manufactured kilns including the popular Workhorse and Hobbytech kiln range along with most others including those of other kiln manufacturers. Please note as our kiln elements are wound to order we cannot guarantee next day delivery- if you require your elements urgently please call us on 01782 319435 and we can advise further.

We do stock replacement elements for our range of Skutt KilnMaster kilns, and these are available to order online and are shown below.

Replacing Elements

Replacing the elements in your kiln is an inevitable periodic routine that along with other regular maintenance will help keep your kilns performance optimum.

To avoid damage to your kiln and the frustration of poor firing results it is far better to change the elements before a failure. In most circumstances we would advise changing the whole set.

If your firing is taking longer than you are used to it could be that the elements are tired.

If you’ve not changed anything and your results look over-fired your firings times may have become extended causing your work to experience excessive heat work. This is also a sign of tired elements.

Important! Do remember that any electrical work must be carried out by an electrically competent person.

Cromartie manufacture element replacements for both their own Kiln brands along with many others. If provided with accurate information we can quickly tell you if we can help.

Rather like motor cars in its life a kiln might have several owners, all firing to their own needs, high fire, low fire, bisque, or glaze firing etc. Kilns (particularly Cromartie) can have a very long service life sometimes spanning several decades. Unless the kiln has been regularly serviced by us, we have no way of knowing what condition the kiln is in or what maintenance/service updates, if any, might have been carried out on it during its many years of service. Therefore, in all cases it is essential that we obtain as much information about the kiln and its circumstances before committing to manufacture replacement elements and/or supplying replacement parts.

The minimum information that we require with your element order is:

• Owner of the kiln with a contact telephone number and if possible, email.
• Make, Model, Serial Number, Load (kW), Voltage, Amps, Single Phase or 3 phase or 3 phase with Neutral, Maximum Temperature rating, approximate age if known. Sometimes a photograph of the data plate will suffice.
• Controller type if fitted and thermocouple type if known ie R, S or K.
• If your kiln has a power rating of 16 amps or less, it is important for us to know what your maximum temperature expectation is. Kilns fitted with a domestic plug (13-amp UK or 16-amp most of Europe) This is important as since manufacture some national grid voltages have changed and so as an example a kiln rated at 13 amps on 240 volts would have drawn a load of 3120 watts on only say 220 volts with the original elements the load would be much less thereby substantially reducing the kilns top temperature capability and speed of firing.
• We can sometimes offer upgraded elements to improve performance.
• Where kiln chamber walls are damaged pictures are useful so that we might offer a repair solution to hold replacement elements securely in their groove. This applies to both Top and Front Loaders.
• Some element prices are provided on our website however in anything other than very straightforward orders we will normally need to have a conversation with you to avoid what can be very costly mistakes.

Please order below, speak to our technical team on 01782 319435 or send us an e-mail with any queries and we will be happy to help.