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Colorobbia Lustres

Experience the mesmerizing brilliance of Liquid Gold and Metallic Lustres - enchanting, colloidal wonders infused with dissolved metals.

For optimal results, dilute with CH6433 thinner (5% to 15%) - pure alchemy at your fingertips!

Brush onto earthenware and porcelain - the perfect match for these captivating products. Airbrush application, exclusively for professionals.

Caution: Apply to glazed objects only; keep them pristine and moisture-free for an awe-inspiring finish.

Firing temperatures:

Earthenware: 690°-700°C (Orton cone 018)

Porcelain: 750°-815°C (Orton cone 017-015)

Prepare for the magic! Let your creations dry in a dust-free, warm room before firing and witness the breathtaking transformation!