Kiln Technical Support

Cromartie has been manufacturing and supplying kilns for over 70 years. If you are looking for a service or repair, we have service engineers who are able to visit you at your premises. Alternatively, if you can bring the kiln to us, we can book it in to assessed and this is normally a cheaper option.

To identify what parts may or may not be needed we would need the following information:-

Model number
Serial number
Power rating (KW)
Voltage (v)
Date of manufacture
Controller manufacture + model (if applicable)

At Cromartie we can often resolve small technical problems with a quick phone call or email. It is always helpful if we can have picture of all areas of the kiln inside and outside and also any information on what type of problem you’re experiencing. Controller error codes can quite often point you in the right direction.

To obtain a quote/assistance please email the information to Kiln Technical Queries and we will do our very best to assist you. Alternatively please call 01782 319435 to speak to a member of our Kiln Technical team.

Cromartie-Skutt Kiln Instructions and Advice

Please click on the links below for instructional videos on many aspects of owning and using your kiln, including firing, loading, kiln maintenance, programming and much more.

Product Showcase: Kilns

Setting Up and Installing Your Kiln

Operating Your Kiln

Performing Kiln Repairs

Troubleshooting Glazing and Firing Issues

If you need further assistance please contact our Technical team on 01782 344253 and we will be happy to assist you.