Product MSDS

Please find below links to download material health and safety data sheets for a range of our products. Please note you may need to download Adobe Reader to view these files. If you have any queries regarding our product range, please don't hesitate to call us on 01782 319435 and we'll be happy to help you.

Clear Glazes
Dazzle Dip Clear Glaze
Hobby Colorobbia Clear Glaze
Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze

Gare Bisque
Gare Ceramic Bisque

Gare Colour Range
Fun Strokes Underglazes FS-2300, FS-2400 Series
Surface Coats SC2600-2609
Bumpy Doodles BD- 2500- BD-2511
Speciality Glazes NTG 9018, 9060, 9203, 9216, 9407, 9554, and 9555
Pottery Glazes NTG 9316-9324
Pottery Glazes NTG 9511-9528
Pottery Glazes NTG 9529-9536
Garden Glazes NTG 9330, 9331, 9332, 9334, 9337
Underglaze UG-2100 series / One Strokes TOS-2200 Series

Duncan Colour Range
Artisan Glazes AG- Series
Concepts Underglazes CN- Series
Concepts Washes Underglazes
Courtyard Glazes CY- Series
Cover Coats Opaque Underglazes CC- Series
Crackles Glazes CR- Series
Crystals Glazes CR- Series
Crystaltone Glazes 20020-20091 Series
EZ Strokes Underglazes EZ- Series
Envisions Glazes IN- Series
French Dimensions FD- Series
Liquid Pearls PL100 & PL200 Series
Metallic Glazes SY-1024, SY1025, SY1026
No-Fire Snow SY-0546
Opaque Acrylics (Bisq Stains) OS- Series
Renaissance Glazes RG-708-732 Series
Satin Glazes SN- Series
Shimmer Glazes SH- Series
Sparklers Brush-On Glitter SG-800 Series
True Matte Glazes TM- Series
True Matte Pastels TM- Series
Ultra Metallics UM-900 Series
Wax Resist SY-0547

Clay, Slip and Plaster
Handprint Clay CH1053
Fine Casting Plaster CH2045
Foam Clay
Clay and Slip CH1070 Ex-Cel slip, and plastic clays: CH1001, CH1030, CH1040, CH1055.

Batt Wash CH2009
Decopatch Glue
Social Artworking Canvas Art Acrylic Paint
Spray Varnish (Sealing Spray) Matte, Satin, Glossy
Underglaze Pencils CH6060- CH6065
Treasure Waxes CH6434 & CH6435
Lustres CH6430, CH6431, CH6432

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