Clear Dipping & Brush On Glazes

All of our clear glazes are simple to use and designed specially for application on bisqueware,. All of our clear dipping glazes fire to cone 06.

Clear glaze is a transparent glaze which is applied over a painted piece before firing and gives a sparkling, protective finish to your ware.

Dip glazing is one of fastest methods of glazing pottery. Clear dipping glaze provides an even coating and is generally the most popular method of glazing for ceramic business owners, as it saves time when glazing a higher volumes of pieces and makes it easier to glaze larger items.
Brush on glaze takes slightly longer to apply, but offers more control in application and is just as convenient and easy to use.

We stock Gare Dazzle Dip clear glaze, Duncan Pure Brilliance clear glaze and Hobby Colorobbia clear dipping glaze- all of which are lead free.

If you would like advice on which clear glaze to choose or on applying and firing our clear glazes please don't hesitate to call us on 01782 319435 and we will be very happy to help you.