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Envision Glazes

Envision yourself with the best – quality nontoxic, dinnerware-safe glazes in colours you love! Duncan Envision Glazes work with a variety of decorating techniques and produce a distinctively smooth and elegant appearance in intense colours ranging from opaque to transparent.

See the world in vibrant colour! Duncan Envision Glazes are perfect for ceramists, schools and finished-ware manufacturers!

· Easy to use

· Creamy consistency for excellent brushability

· Works in perfect harmony with other glazes and underglazes for dramatic results

· Available in 4-oz. jars with selected colours available in pints.

How to use Duncan® Envision® Glazes:

  1. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque.

  2. Apply 2-3 smooth, even coats.

  3. Fire to shelf cone 06.

  4. Clean up with water.

Download the Envision Glazes MSDS here.