Our team are available by phone on 01782 319435, e-mail at or live chat via our website between the hours of 9.00am -3.30pm weekdays (excluding Bank Holidays.)

Ceramic Moulds & Glass Moulds

We now offer a once-annually back order service for Clay Magic, Mayco, Creative Paradise and Starlite ceramic moulds.

Please note, our last order cut-off date for moulds for our next container is Wednesday 30th June.

We now also offer a back order service for glass moulds, these are available through Creative Paradise only- please click on the Glass Moulds image below to visit their site and order using the same steps as for the ceramic moulds below.

Glass Moulds

To place your order:

1. Click on the manufacturers website below.

2. Look up the code of the ceramic moulds or glass moulds you require (please note glass moulds are available through Creative Paradise only- please click image on the right to order) and make a note of the item number and manufacturer (Scioto, Doc Holiday, Duncan, etc.). Whatever the dollar price, we will call pounds (ie if the price shown is $10 it will therefore cost £10 to order the mould from us.) This price includes shipping and import duty.

3. When your mould arrives, we will give you a call to arrange despatch or collection. Please note we now only place one annual mould order, when placing your order we will confirm availability.

Moulds are very fragile, so we would prefer customers to collect if possible, or alternatively we can despatch on a pallet with other goods if you prefer.

4. To place an order, please e-mail details of the mould you require, plus your full name, address and daytime telephone number to Luke Bosson.

5. When we receive your order, we will give you a call to confirm the price. Please note we require a 50% non-refundable deposit for all mould orders- when the mould arrives in stock we will then give you a call to arrange payment for the balance of your order prior to delivery.


creative paradise


Thank you in advance for your order and please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries on 01782 319435.