Celebrate Pride Month with Us!

This June, unleash your creativity and show your true colours! Paint your very own pottery piece in beautiful rainbow hues. Let's make art that's as vibrant and unique as you are!

Click below for some Pride inspo!

PrideMonth #RainbowArt #PaintYourPride

At Cromartie Hobbycraft, we offer a vast collection of unglazed bisqueware ceramic blanks sold by the case, waiting to be transformed through the magic of pottery painting. With nearly a thousand different bisqueware designs in stock, we cater to paint a pot studios, pottery cafes, contemporary ceramic cafes, mobile ceramic studios, schools, universities, and many more.

Next day or economy delivery is available, and we always try our best to accommodate for urgent orders. Whether you are buying ceramics as a hobbyist or you own a ceramics business, we can assist you with your ceramic supplies. For our trade prices, please contact us to Trade Register.

Animal Planter Paint Your Own Pottery Bisqueware Ceramic or pottery bisque (often called "biscuit", "ceramic blanks" or "pottery blanks") refers to pottery bisque which has been fired once, but has not yet been glazed. It is usually a creamy colour and looks similar to an unpainted plaster or clay shape, and is sometimes also referred to as bisqueware or biscuit ware. The bisque can be painted with a ceramic colour such as an underglaze, before it is coated in a clear dipping glaze ready to be fired in a ceramic kiln. (As an alternative to underglazes, you can also use textured Foam Clay or non-fired acrylic stains.)

Please note all of our ceramic bisqueware is fired to cone 04, while our range of stoneware bisque is fired to cone 6.

We know that high quality ceramic bisque blanks are essential to running a successful paint your own pottery studio or ceramic cafe. All of our bisque ceramic blanks are of the highest standard and are suitable for use with all popular brands of colour and glaze, including Gare, Duncan, Colorobbia and more- please ask us if you need any advice.

Forest Cottage Painted Bisqueware Design

We are constantly adding new bisque designs to our range, including children's bisqueware shapes such as money banks and figurines, dinnerware, decorative bisqueware such as vases and picture frames, as well as seasonal bisque shapes and bisque add-ons. We endeavour to maintain high levels of stock of our ceramic bisque ready for quick despatch from our warehouse in Stoke-on-Trent.

We also have a special order service for bisque designs from our supplier Gare - this is for items which are not held as part of our main bisqueware range. Please see our Bisqueware Special Orders page for full details.

A huge selection of our bisqueware range is on display in our showroom in Stoke-on-Trent (open weekdays 9:00am -4:00pm). We try to showcase the painted versions of our ceramic blank designs in our showroom and on our website to help inspire you, however please note all of our bisque is sold by the case as unfinished ware.