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Pottery Glazes

Pottery Glazes are low-fire glazes which create a high-fire look. The colours are inspired by nature and give a multi-tone effect with a high gloss shine. The beauty of these glazes is their reactive and ever-changing qualities depending on how they are layered, the number of coats, the piece on which they are painted, and application. No two fired pieces will be exactly alike, making them the most unique and beautiful glazes to create with.

Colours numbered 9529-9536 are non-reactive glazes which are great for adding Fun Strokes underglazes on top to write words or create designs. The remaining colours are reactive glazes which move and flow when fired. They are ideal for use on textured bisque because glazes seep and pool into the grooves creating a more natural, multi-tone effect. Layer the glazes for unique colours and effects & apply 3-4 coats for best results.

How to Use:
1. Sponge ware to remove dust. Shake bottle or jar well.
2. Apply 3-4 generous coats of colour to shelf cone 04 bisque letting each coat dry in between.
3. Fire to shelf cone 06.

Download Pottery Glazes MSDS for codes NTG-9316-9324 here.
Download Pottery Glazes MSDS for codes NTG-9511-9528 here.
Download Pottery Glazes MSDS for codes NTG-9529-9536 here.