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Terra Bella Reactive Glazes

NEW Terra Bella reactive glazes are colours inspired by nature, ideal for obtaining with low temperature firing (1000 ° C), effects that until now can only be achieved with stoneware glazes (1300 ° C).

With these glazes, no piece will be the same: depending on the colour, the finishes can be matt or glossy with variations in colour that will make your projects unique.

High Gloss Colours: HC551, 552,553,554,558,562,563,564,565,566,567,568,569,570,574.
Matte/Satins: HC 555,556,557,559,571,572,573,578.


• Specialized/reactive glazes.

• Great for achieving a high fire pottery look at low fire temperature.

• Glaze can be used on its own or layered with other glazes to create unique result.

• Blues, Jadeite and Reactive White are high gloss and shiny, while San Fran Frog, Sagebrush, Sonoma and Siena are matte and result in a multi tone effect.

• Egyptian Blue reacts beautifully when painted underneath Reactive White, creating breaks in the glaze resulting in gorgeous patterns.

• The other blues will react with Reactive White creating smaller circular patterns.

• Rustic Brown does not include glaze, it is formulated for application over or under the other Terra Bella glazes creating a rusty and weathered effect. Use one coat only.

• Does not require to be clear glazed.

• Each of these colours result and in a unique texture and feel.

• These glazes works in perfect harmony with other Colorobbia glazes as well as in conjunction with others for dramatic results.

• Non-toxic, can be used on food and drink items.

How to use:

Mix the colour well.
Apply 2-3 coats on bisque.
Fire at a temperature of 950 - 1000 ° C.
Clean up with water.