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1Fire Low Fire 06 Glazes

Now available from Cromartie- the 1Fire line of Low Fire (cone 06) glazes consist of all the classic colours. These brightly coloured Low Fire glazes are good for a base or just to liven up your pieces.

What we love most about the 1Fire Series is that they can be applied to bisqueware or directly to bone-dry greenware and fired once, skipping the bisque firing step! So if you are pressed for time or money - these may be the glazes for you! All of the glazes in this series are semi-transparent. They are fairly stable glazes, but do have a bit of a run to them. They perform best when dipped, however, these glazes come out beautifully if they are brushed on, glaze trailed or even sprayed. The 1Fire glazes also layer nicely over each other. Another nice feature of these glazes is their tendency to not settle.

These low fire glazes are ideal for the busy classroom, production potter and for large scale projects. The 1Fire glazes are non-toxic and food safe.

Available in 473ml bottles.