Read & Paint Bisque

Introducing the enchanting concept of a "Read and Paint Party"! Designed for groups of children of all ages, this unique and engaging activity combines the joy of storytelling with the excitement of artistic expression.

Children naturally have a fondness for stories, and immersing themselves in these narratives offers numerous developmental benefits. The act of listening to stories can contribute to their intellectual, emotional, and social growth. As they listen, their listening skills improve, and they begin to imagine themselves as the characters, bringing the story to life in their minds.

Storytelling not only ignites a child's imagination, but it also nurtures their creativity and fine motor skills. The process of visualizing the story's events, characters, and settings allows children to explore their own artistic capabilities and express themselves through painting.

By inviting children to paint a character from the book they've just heard, we create a bridge between the story and their personal interpretation of it. This hands-on approach helps them remember and comprehend the story better. It encourages them to tap into their own imagination, using colours, brushes, and their unique artistic flair to recreate a visual representation of a beloved character.

The Read and Paint Party fosters an atmosphere of shared creativity and fun, where children can engage with the story on multiple levels. It's an opportunity for them to bond with their peers, exchange ideas, and showcase their artistic endeavors. Furthermore, as they proudly display their painted characters, they gain a sense of accomplishment and build confidence in their artistic abilities.

So, why not embark on this delightful journey of imagination, storytelling, and painting? Read and Paint Parties not only nurture a love for literature but also foster creativity, imagination, and cognitive skills in a fun-filled and memorable way.

We have listed some ideas below with a link to books and bisque which may be of interest to you.

For more information please call 01782 319435 or email

7335 Giraffe Party Animal
Giraffes Can't Dance

7244 Cat Party Animal
Tabby McTat

7318 Elephant Party Animal
The Slightly Annoying Elephant

7286 Owl Party Animal
The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark

7321 Ladybird Party Animal
What the Ladybird Heard

7250 T-Rex Party Animal
Tyranosaurus Drip

7245 Penguin Party Animal
Lost and Found

Rabbit Party Animal
7337 Rabbit Party Animal
Bartholemew Learns a Lesson

7324 Benjamin the Hungry Monster Bank
Two Monsters

7265 Unicorn Party Animal
Sugarlump and the Unicorn

7306 Elephant Biggy Bank
One Night In the Zoo

7318 Elephant Party Animal
7297 Bird Party Animal
7052 Pig Collectible

7025 Standing Cat
Keith the Cat with The Magic Hat

For a copy of our flyer with a full list of suggested titles for Read and Paint sessions please contact Kim on 01782 319435 or contact us by e-mail.