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Take Out Pack Inspiration

Short on studio space and looking to maximise your profits? Try offering Take Home Kits!

Cromartie have all the materials you need to put together your Take Home Kits, or simply to help keep you occupied if you are looking for something crafty to do at home. Choose a piece of bisque or wooden craft figure, some acrylic paints & brushes and you're ready to go! Or as a fun alternative to paint, why not try Foam Clay- this bubbly bobbly clay works great on our bisque. Check out our range of products for take-away packs below.

Take and Make To Go Kits for Kerbside Pick-Up or Delivery.
Keep your customers engaged and continue business growth. To Go Kits are a great idea especially for busy families who prefer to paint their own pieces at home.

Take Out Pack Bisque Ideas
Choose from a bisque Party Animal, plate, tile or mug.

Foam Clay: Foam Clay is a fantastic air-drying modelling clay with a very soft, foam paste consistency containing small polystyrene beads that can coat, wrap and cover a variety of items and surfaces. It's ideal for covering all sorts of items- including our bisque and wooden craft figures- plus as it's completely air drying there's no need for kiln firing.

Acrylic Party Paints
Party Paints are premium, high quality, multi-craft, multi-surface acrylics. Party Paints come in 28 bright, vibrant and versatile colours and are quick drying to a matte finish. No need to fire, so ideal to decant into smaller bottles to take away and paint at home!

Paint Pots
Our empty paint bottles holds 2 oz/ 59ml- the perfect size to decant paint into for your To Go Kits. Various sizes of empty bottles are available depending on your preference.

Acrylic Brushes: Customers will either have their own brushes, have the option to buy a brush pack or can return the brushes to the studio once their projects are complete.

Use Social Media: Use social media as much as you can. Create Facebook ad campaigns and promotions to promote and advertise your To Go Kits. Posting organically in Facebook will only reach about 10% of your audience. Boosting a post or running a campaign will extend your reach and allow you to drill down to a specific demographic and geographic region.

Studio Live Events! Pick a specific To Go Kit to promote and plan a studio live event around it. Pick a date and a time for the event and have an instructor go live with a free class. Families can tune in from their homes and paint along with the instructor. Enable comments to interact with your students and create a safe paint your own pottery social environment.

To Go Kit Contest: Have your customers send you pictures of their completed To Go Kits. Post them in an album on your page and the pictures that gets the most “likes” wins.

Check out our range of Take Out Kits/ make at home products below!