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C6 Pro Series Crystalline Glazes

Now available from Cromartie- the new Crystalline C6 Pro series of glazes is formulated to fit a range of cone 6 porcelain and stoneware bodies, with minimal run or crazing. As always, we recommend testing the fit between this glaze and your desired clay body before larger application.

Apply an even layer of glaze by dipping or thin with water for spraying. Thin applications will go matte and thicker applications will run more. These features can be utilized to help slow the glaze from running, by having a single thin layer near the bottom of the pot.

The thicker parts of this glaze will grow large zinc silicate crystals in the surface of the glaze when fired using the provided firing schedule. This is a basic crystal firing that fires to cone 6 and immediately drops down to approximately cone 04 and is held at temperature as the crystalline structure takes time to grow. The schedule can be adjusted to better fit a clay body or crystal formation.

Crystalline glazes can be runny! We advise testing and always utilizing precautions such as glaze catchers or other sacrificial supports.

Click here for our Crystalline Glazes firing schedule.