Paper Clay

CATEGORY: Paper clays

METHOD: Modelling, Hand building, Pouring



FIRING RANGE: 900°c - 1280°c

Very white, smooth Porcelain. Suitable for small - medium handbuilt work with medium translucency at 1280°C.

Experience the versatility and ease of creating with FLAXpaperCLAY, a premium quality paper clay body. This clay contains finely chopped fibres of flax and cellulose, giving it a unique combination of strength and flexibility. The fibres create a capillary system that evenly transfers moisture throughout the clay, making it easy to work with at any stage of dryness.

FLAXpaperCLAY is incredibly versatile and can be used for handbuilding, throwing, and sculpting, and is suitable for a range of firing methods, including Raku, Oxidation, Reduction, Salt and Soda. It is virtually mold-free and greenware can be easily re-wet, allowing for easy reworking and alteration. The clay's internal structure provides support for sculpting, even when bone dry, making it easy to handle and transport.

Transform your pottery-making experience with FLAXpaperCLAY, allowing you to be more of an artist and less of a technician.