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Pottery Clay Template System

The fantastic Pottery Clay Template System makes it easy for you and your customers to have clay hand print plaques in a walk-in setting. The consistent sizes with clear markings makes it the perfect tool to make clay easy.

Quickly and accurately create pottery plaques for hand prints, foot prints, text and more! The kit includes five basic geometries in three sizes, specialized cutting tool, rubber stopper to make handling the templates easy and a corner rounding tool for four different radius corners.

This system quickly and accurately creates pottery plaques for handprints, footprints, text and more. Each size has clear markings for centering & the suction handle/ rubber stopper makes handling the templates easy- no unwanted fingerprints!

This pack includes:

5 different shaped templates (each shape comes in 3 sizes, Round, Square, Rectangle, Oval & Heart- 15 templates in all)
1 x stylus for cutting round the shapes
1 x corner rounding tool
1 x suction handle.

Square Plaques - Small- 6" • Medium- 7.5" • Large- 9"
Rectangle Plaques - 3.25"x6" • 5.75"x8" • 7.125"x10"
Round Plaques - 6" • 7.5" • 9"
Oval Plaques 4.25"x6" • 6"x8" • 7.5"x10"
Heart Plaques 5"x6" • 7.5"x9" • 9"x10.5"

Just look how easy the Pottery Template System is to use!

Clay Heart created using Pottery Clay Template System



Plaque created using Pottery Clay Template System



Clay Heart created using Pottery Clay Template System



Why wait? Get the clay system everyone's talking about today!