Ceramic Training

At Cromartie we hold ceramic training days approximately once a month, for anyone considering setting up a mobile studio or paint your own pottery business, or simply as a top-up or "refresher" course for those of you more familiar with ceramics. Our introductory courses cover a wide range of areas including using the kiln, glazing and firing, health and safety and much more, and are run in-house by Andy and Amanda, who have many years of experience in both the business and artistic aspects of ceramics.

Paintapot Studio- Seminar

Ceramic Training Dates for 2018:

Wednesday 7th February
Wednesday 14th March
Wednesday 18th April
Wednesday 16th May
Wednesday 13th June
Wednesday 25th July
Wednesday 22nd August
Wednesday 26th September
Wednesday 24th October
Wednesday 21st November

Time: 10.00am till 4.00pm.

Price: £50.00 including buffet lunch.

Don't worry if you get here slightly early- we'll pop the kettle on!

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements when booking online in the Additional Notes section on checkout.

(Payment is required on booking and is non-refundable however if you decide to proceed we will deduct the fee from your first order of £250 or more.)

Please note our ceramic training days require advance booking- please contact us to reserve your place or book online below.

Cromartie ceramic training days are ideal for anyone considering setting up a ceramic café or mobile paint-a-pot studio. You don’t need to have any ceramic experience, and there is no obligation and no commitment on the day - just a chance to come along and see if it is for you.

Training Seminar

We hold our ceramic training in our brand new Studio 70 and showroom here in Stoke-on-Trent. Most of our range of colour, glazes, kilns and bisque is on show for you to take a look at, together with a huge array of painted and fired samples to whet your creative appetite and give you some fresh and funky ideas!

Our ceramic training days are focused on the ceramic business, rather than for learning new painting techniques, however you will be able to spend sufficient time painting a piece for you to become familiar with the way the colour and glaze works. Your completed piece will then be fired and posted on to you at no additional cost.

The aim of our ceramic training days is to equip new and potential ceramic business owners with the knowledge to use the materials and operate their kiln, as well as information about the business and marketing aspects of running a studio. By the end of the day, you'll have enough knowledge to get you started and may even have made a few new friends! Of course, as always we offer back up support over the phone or by e-mail every step of the way, and can visit you personally to run chargeable ceramic training days in your own premises if required.

Ceramic Training Day Programme

Ceramic Materials
1. Bisque colour and glaze: look at the full range on display and choose the right stock for your business.
2. Using underglaze paints, see how to apply the colour to get the best results.
3. Glazing the decorated ware, try the techniques and learn about the pitfalls.

Using Kilns & Controllers
1. What is a kiln?
2. Positioning the kiln.
3. Loading the kiln.
4. Controllers, cones and Firing Programs
5. Kiln maintenance.

Health and Safety
1. Kiln safety.
2. Ventilation
3. Safe working practices in the studio.

Starting Your Business
1. Selecting your range of colours and bisque.
2. Set-up costs.
3. Projected turnover.
4. Profit margins.
5. Marketing your ceramic business.

Trouble Shooting
1. Glazing faults.
2. Colour problems
3. Firing problems.
4. Kiln faults.

Please call Andy Quinn for more details on our ceramic training days on 01782 319435, or book online below.


If you have booked on one of our ceramic training courses and would like directions please see How to Find Us.

We look forward to seeing you soon!