If you like throwing on plaster bats, you will love using a Hydro-Bat! Because the Hydro-Bat is made of Hydro-Stone instead of the standard pottery plaster, it’s full eight to ten times stronger than similar products. Hydro-Stone is a US Gypsum material containing cement and crystalline silica so it’s very absorbent, and very strong -- you will find the surface of our bats to be scratch resistant, while the bats’ water-absorbing properties fully eliminate the need to cut your pieces off of the bat with a wire.

The Hydro-Bat has been designed to fit on standard wheel heads with bat pins placed ten inches apart. Each bat features durable hard rubber grommets that have been cast into the underside, so you can be assured of a snug fit when you place one of our products on your wheel. Likewise, these grommets will not swell or change shape -- you will find they will fit perfectly over your standard 3/8 inch bat pin.

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