Please note our offices and showroom will be closed on Monday 27th May- don't forget to stock up for the Bank Holiday weekend!

Glaze Technical Support

Please note, our offices, showroom and warehouse are temporarily closed therefore there will currently be a delay with despatch of online orders. Please visit our Customer Update page for further details.

Glaze Technical Support

If you have experienced problems with glazing your bisqueware please get in touch with the following information to help us identify the issue:-

Bisque Manufacturer (for example Gare, Duncan, Cromartie, Other)
Bisque product code
Batch number (usually printed on side of box)
Underglaze used
Clear glaze used + whether it is dipping or brush on.

At Cromartie we can often resolve small glazing problems with a quick phone call or email. It is always helpful if we can have pictures of the problem piece. If it is clay work rather than bisque, any information on what type of clay has been used and firing programme will help.

To obtain assistance please email the information to Glaze Technical Queries and we will do our very best to assist you. Alternatively please call 01782 344255 to speak to a member of our Glazing Technical team.