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Gare Dazzle Dip Clear Glaze

Dazzle Dip clear dipping glaze is a very forgiving glaze, making it very user-friendly. Its smooth liquid consistency makes it easy to dip bisque. Once it's been fired to cone 06, the result is a dazzling sheen with a glass-like finish. Impeccable results every time! Non-Toxic (Lead Free)

Viscosity with Dupont white cup TL-0497- 17-20 seconds.
Viscosity with Gare Black Viscosity Cup #6401- 11-13 seconds.

Directions for Viscosity Cup (#6401) with Gare Dazzle Dip Glaze
The Viscosity Cup is a tool to accurately measure the glaze viscosity, consistency, and thickness before dipping. Steps to get a proper Dipping Glaze viscosity reading:

1. Prime your new viscosity cup by washing with warm water and soap and rinse well.
2. Thoroughly mix Dipping Glaze with a drill powered Jiffy mixer.
3. Submerge the viscosity cup straight down into Dipping Glaze until it is full, making sure to NOT swirl cup and create a vortex.
4. Remove cup straight up from Glaze and as it clears the surface of the glaze, using a stop watch, begin timing the flow of paint from drain hole on the bottom.
5. Stop the timer when the steady stream of glaze breaks.
This number gives you the measurement of glaze consistency.

Important Note:
This viscosity cup has a larger volume and drain hole than the previous Dupont cup. The larger drain hole causes a faster stream of glaze. It is for this reason, when using the new viscosity cup that we recommend for Gare’s Clear Dipping Glaze is a viscosity reading between 11-13 seconds.

  1. If your measurement is too high, adjust viscosity by adding small quantities of distilled water and recheck results.
  2. Clean viscosity cup after each use, giving special attention to the recess around the drain hole. Please do not use metal tools to clean out area, use a soft bottle brush.

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Download the Gare Dazzle Dip MSDS here.