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Fabric Markers

Tulip® Fabric Markers® will unleash your creativity with their intense, vivid colour! Whether drawing, doodling or colouring, you can count on these easy-to-use Fabric Markers for true, permanent colour that lasts.

Not all marker tips are meant for the same thing; some are better for colouring versus drawing, or making bold lines versus fine details.

Bullet-tip markers are probably the most commonly used for a variety of projects. Rounded with a firm, defined nib (as the marker tip is officially called), bullet tips are ideal for drawing, outlining designs and writing on fabric. Creating thicker, yet precise lines is much easier with a bullet-tip marker due to the nib’s inflexible and pointed tip.

DUAL-TIP FABRIC MARKERS: If your project has different colour needs, a dual-tip marker might be ideal for you! Featuring a brush tip on one end and an extra-fine tip on the other end, this is the ultimate multitasking Fabric Marker! As mentioned previously, brush tips are great for creating bold strokes of colour and colouring in designs; the extra-fine tip on the other end of this marker is perfect for creating extremely detailed designs and fine accents.


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