3D Dimensional Fabric Paint

Get creative with Tulip 3D Dimensional Fabric Paints! These fun and easy-to-use squeezy paints add a sparkling 3D effect to your craft projects without cracking or peeling. Whether you're decorating textiles and clothing, or adding dimension to glass, canvas, wood, plastic, or other mediums, these paints are the perfect tool for bringing your ideas to life.

The paints come in an easy-squeeze bottle with a tip designed for optimal paint flow, making them simple and convenient to use. And with a range of finishes including metallic, neon, glitter, and matte, you're sure to find the perfect colour and finish for your project.

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paints are nontoxic, permanent, and machine washable, making them ideal for a range of projects. You can even mix them with Tacky Glue to create brightly coloured slime (see Shelley's video below.)

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