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Top Loading Kilns with KilnMaster Controller

Why Should I Buy an Electric Kiln from Cromartie?
Here's a quick overview of some of the main features of our top loading electric kilns with KilnMaster controller.

• Our top loading kilns feature a solid construction with a sectional design, giving the ability to easily dismantle the kiln for relocation & site the kiln virtually anywhere.
• Conservatively rated Kanthal A1 kiln elements and wiring.
• 3 metre mains cable included with kiln (longer cable can be purchased for an additional charge).
• Commando Plug available as an optional extra (we recommend this for easy safe maintenance).
• Health and Safety “best practice” captive key interlock fitted as standard.
• Kilns include double relay system for additional security.
• *KilnMaster controller (up to 64 segments) fitted as standard. (KMT touchscreen controller also available as an optional upgrade.)
• Every one of our top loading kilns arrives with a spare thermocouple, 3 x 04 test self supporting cones and supporting manual.
• The reversible kiln lid is specially coated to eliminate build up of dust & debris.
• The innovative Lid Lifter comes as standard on our 10 and 12 sided kiln models, making it easy to unload your kiln with just a lift of a finger.
• Two position lid brace- one for everyday kiln use & a second for allowing full access to the kiln chamber for unloading.
• 24 month warranty included (excluding kiln elements).
•FREE DELIVERY as standard (UK mainland).

KilnMaster Controller

The KilnMaster Controller is the standard option for our top loading kilns, with a button pad and small one-colour display.

KilnMaster provides for all cone number firings (96 preset ceramic programs already installed at 3 different speeds- slow, medium or fast) and has an additional 12 storable user definable programs that can be programmed in ramp dwell mode. Up to 64 segments can be provided by linking two programs.
Please note, we can preset additional programs before delivery if you wish. For example, for glass firings we are able to preset medium speed programs for you to enable full fusing, tack fusing and and slumping.

Please note, all of our top loading kiln models with the exception of the KM714, KMT714 and Glazetech need to be wired in to the electricity supply, we also recommend a clearance of 18 inches (45cm) around the kiln- click here for further kiln installation information.

Here are some of the features that have made Cromartie Skutt electric kilns some of the best-selling kilns worldwide.

One of the innovations that really put this amazing range of kilns on the map was it's truly sectional design, with the ability to break it up into sections, for easy removal through narrow doorways and for siting in basements and other smaller locations. This innovative design meant that kilns no longer had to be constructed on site or brought in with heavy cranes. It truly brings ceramics into the home or studio.

The removable hinged box can easily be sent in for servicing as and when required, and all the materials used to construct the kiln are corrosion resistant, which is especially important for components that are exposed to fumes that may come out of the lid. The kiln lid also boasts heavy duty springs which make lifting the kiln lid effortless.

All of our electric top loading kilns are supported by a two-year warranty that includes parts and labour, and we have a team of technical experts who are available five days a week to help you troubleshoot any issues with your kiln, should you ever need technical assistance.

Unsure about your requirements? Give our team a call on 01782 319435. You can also drop us an e-mail-

Optional Upgrade- Touchscreen Kiln Controller

The KMT Upgrade Kit is a brand new touch screen controller for our top loading kilns which allows you to upgrade from your existing KilnMaster “Touchpad” kiln controller, giving you a Touchscreen Interface that is much like your smartphone. It has built in WiFi which allows you to upgrade the firmware whenever a new feature or bug fix is released. So, in essence, you have a new controller for the life of your kiln. It also comes with a free smart phone app that allows you to monitor your kiln from wherever you are. Check out some of the features of the KMT Touchscreen Controller here.

Our range of top loading kilns with KilnMaster controller is shown below- please refer to the product images in each model for product dimensions. If you have any questions or are unsure of your requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Delivery of your New Kiln

Whether you prefer kerbside or in-position delivery*, we've got you covered. And the best part? Kerbside delivery for our top loading kilns is completely free within the UK mainland. For those in the Highlands and Islands or worldwide, don't worry – we can provide you with a custom delivery quote. Just keep in mind, if you have restricted access or a narrow road at your address, a dedicated vehicle may be necessary, which may incur additional charges. We'll reach out to confirm on receipt of your order.

*For an even more seamless experience, we can also offer in-position delivery, full electrical connection, commissioning, and operational training for an extra charge. These delivery charges will be based on your specific requirements and circumstances. Get in touch with our team at 01782 319435 to learn about the available options and get a custom quote today.