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Kiln Base/Lid Slabs

If the base or lid of your kiln has become cracked, damaged, or degraded, simply purchase a replacement slab here to restore it to its former glory. This range of lids and slabs is suitable for the Cromartie KilnMaster range of kilns- please choose the appropriate size to suit. If you are unsure which size you need, please give us a call on 01782 319435.

Description Price Quantity
lid 7 Sided KM Kiln Lid Slab 3"/ 7.6 cm KM-7-SIDED-LID-SLAB Price: £162.00
slab 7 Sided KM Kiln Base Slab 3"/ 7.6 cm KM-7-SIDED-BASE-SLAB Price: £156.00
slab 8 Sided KM Kiln Base Slab 2.5"/ 6.3 cm KM-8-SIDED-BASE-SLAB Price: £174.00
lid 8 Sided KM Kiln Lid Slab 2.5"/ 6.3 cm KM-8-SIDED-LID-SLAB Price: £216.00
slab 10 Sided KM Kiln Base Slab 2.5/ 6.3 cm KM-10-SIDED-BASE-SLAB Price: £222.00
lid 10 Sided Km Kiln Lid Slab 2.5"/ 6.3cm KM-10-SIDED-LID-SLAB Price: £288.00
slab 12 Sided KM Kiln Base Slab 3"/ 7.6 cm KM-12-SIDED-BASE-SLAB Price: £372.00
lid 12 Sided KM Kiln Lid Slab 3"/ 7.6 cm KM-12-SIDED-LID-SLAB Price: £384.00
16 Sided Kiln Base Slab KM-16-SIDED-BASE-SLAB Price: £900.00
16 Sided Kiln Lid Slab KM-16-SIDED-LID-SLAB Price: £1,512.00