ICF Aberystwyth - June 30th - July 2nd 2023

Cromartie exhibited at the International Ceramics Festival, Aberystwyth on June 30th - July 2nd 2023.

What a fabulous rewarding three days at the International Ceramics Festival in Aberystwyth. Thanks to all of the organisers and helpers who made the festival so special and enjoyable.

Lots of networking with so many people who visited our display stand for purchases, future purchases and various technical advice- we even had a quick chat with the one and only Keith Brymer Jones.

The festival was made even more special by having our Managing Director, Tim Bosson and son Luke (director) with us throughout the three days. There was lots of reminiscing amongst both the team and visitors about our business, which is still a proud family run business- 76 years strong!!

The ICF is Europe’s premier ceramics festival which is held at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on the campus of Aberystwyth University on the mid-Wales coast. Since it began in 1987, the three-day festival has grown to become the UK’s leading ceramics event. It offers teachers, students, ceramic artists, collectors, working potters and amateurs and lovers of craft, the chance to meet and study the work of distinguished, internationally known potters and ceramicists from Wales, the UK and around the world.

The Festival attracts over 1000 people who attend lectures, watch practical demonstrations and visit our special exhibitions over a long weekend at the end of June or early July. Our international demonstrators show skills and techniques on our specially adapted stage and also have their own workspaces – enabling personal discussion about their work. The focus is both practical and inspirational – kilns are built, pots are made and fired.

The Festival offer visitors opportunities to take part during the festival with a variety of hands on activities, as well as being able to vote for the Lifetime Achievement award and donate their work to the Cup Sale.

The organisers are Wales’s two potters groups, North Wales Potters and South Wales Potters together with Aberystwyth University.

If you are interesting in attending next year or would like further information, please visit the ICF website: International Ceramics Festival 2023. See you in 2024!