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Cromartie C Range Kiln Elements

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We sell kiln elements for the following Cromartie C range of kilns;

C6 6KW
C8 6KW
C10 6KW
C12 8KW
C14 7.5KW
C16 9KW
C18 10.5KW
C20 12.5KW
C22 14KW
C24 16.5KW
C26 18KW
C28 21KW
C30 21KW

Our kiln element sets are wound to order to the correct specifications - please speak to our technical team on 01782 319435 or alternatively send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to advise and arrange a quotation for you.

Please note as our kiln elements are wound to order we cannot guarantee next day delivery- if you require your elements urgently please call us and we can advise.