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Sparklers Brush-On Glitter 59ml

Let your creativity shine with the brilliance of Sparklers Brush-On Glitter! These premixed glitter sealers come in five dazzling colours and are permanent so they won't flake or rub off. Sparklers Brush-On Glitter works on almost any craft surface (except washable fabric) and can be applied directly to surfaces or over other acrylic colours. Use several coats for solid shimmery coverage or just one for highlights to your piece.

How to use Sparklers™ Brush-On Glitter

  1. Mix well.
  2. Apply 2-3 coats for solid coverage; let dry between coats.
  3. Apply one coat for highlights.
  4. Clean up with water.

Download the Sparklers Brush-On Glitter MSDS here.