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Cover-Coat Opaque Underglazes 59ml

If you love layers, coat your pieces with Cover-Coat Opaque Underglazes! Applied directly to soft-fired bisque or bisque, these underglazes provide solid coverage over even the darkest colours, and are perfect for airbrushing and brushwork.

Presenting Cover-Coats - the nontoxic, clay, and water-based opaque underglazes that bring a splash of vibrant colour to your pottery! Embrace the beauty of solid-colour coverage with these lively hues. Apply them directly to greenware or bisque, and witness the enchanting transformation at cone 04 firing.

Seal in perfection! A glaze finish not only protects the porous surface but also enhances the underglaze colours, creating stunning masterpieces. Get creative with the terra-cotta look or polished Cover-Coat effects - the possibilities are endless!

No boundaries here! Pair Cover-Coats with any transparent or semi-opaque glaze for mesmerizing results. Take it to the next level with our nonfired Ceramic Spray or Brush-On Sealer on nonutility items. Embrace the beauty - your colours will shine brilliantly, especially with our Gloss Glaze.

Elevate your pottery with Cover-Coats - where creativity knows no limits!

How to use Cover-Coat Opaque Underglazes

  1. Apply 3 coats to bisque (ensure each coat dries fully.)
  2. Fire to shelf cone 04 to permanently adhere Cover-Coats to ware.
  3. Apply clear glaze if desired and fire to shelf cone 06.
  4. Clean up with water.

Download the Cover Coats Underglazes MSDS here.