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Cromartie FB Range Kiln Elements

The CR-FB range was manufactured using a rolled steel angle frame together with light weight low thermal mass brickwork and provides a kiln that couples reduced energy consumption with industrial standard construction. This range of kilns is ideal for educational use for studio potters and industrial potteries. They are rated to 1300ºC and are suitable for Stoneware although if high temperature firings are the norm we recommend our Studio-Craft range.

We sell kiln elements for the following Cromartie FB front-loading range of kilns;

CR190FB 10.5KW
CR220FB 12KW
CR250FB 14KW

Download our CR-FB Specifications Sheet here.

CR-FB Front Loading Kilns Specifications

Our kiln element sets are wound to order to the correct specifications - please speak to our technical team on 01782 319435 or send us an e-mail and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.