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Crackles Glazes

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Remember when “cracking” was a bad thing? Sidewalks, windows, cups … Thank goodness that’s a thing of the past, thanks to Crackles Glazes! Use them to add character to your pieces; these specially formulated glazes create cracks similar to crazing when fired, resulting in a distinctive aged, antique look.

Crackles Glazes™ offer a distinctive, aged expression of decoration on bisque. Use them alone for subtle colour through the cracks or apply over underglaze designs for a unique antiqued expression. For extra depth, highlight the cracks created in the firing by antiquing the piece with ink or acrylic paint.

Crackles Glazes™ are available in low-fire and high-fire applications.

How to use Duncan® Crackles Glazes™

  1. Apply 2 coats of Crackles Glaze to cone 04 bisque and dryfoot (omit glaze from bottom of piece).

  2. For Low Fire, fire to shelf cone 06.

  3. Crackle pattern will appear as the kiln cools and continue long after the piece has been fired and removed from the kiln.

Download the Crackles Glazes MSDS here.