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Courtyard Art Glazes

Courtyard Art Glazes are self-antiquing glazes with a matte finish. Each hue features several colour tones that are enhanced depending on the shape and texture of the piece.

Whether brushed, spritzed or sponged onto bisque, the rich colours transform in the kiln to produce spectacular works of art. Duncan Courtyard Art Glazes are one of the easiest glazes to use, allowing every skill level to achieve professional results.

Courtyard Art Glazes have two to three different colour tones within each glaze colour.

Firing temperature and application will affect the final appearance of Courtyard Art Glazes, as well as the shape of the bisque piece.

Courtyard Art Glazes are nontoxic and safe for use on food containers in most cases.

They should be fired to cone 06 after proper bisque firing.

Mix with other glazes to achieve interesting effects.

Download the Courtyard Art Glazes MSDS here.