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Bumpy Doodles 59ml

59ml squeeze tube with nib.

Non toxic.

If you would like to add raised dimension to your ceramic project in the form of letters, numbers, dots, lines and squiggles, then Bumpy Doodles are for you. Simply apply Bumpy Doodles by squeezing the colour onto unpainted bisque or over underglazes.

How to Use:

  1. Shake well, downward toward the tip. Squeeze on a paper towel to remove air bubbles. Hold the tip slightly above the surface to apply.

  2. Apply to greenware, shelf cone 04 bisque, over or under a unfired glaze. When applying to bisque, sponge ware to remove dust.

  3. When applied to greenware fire to shelf cone 04. When applied to bisque, over or under a glaze fire to shelf cone 06.

Download the Bumpy Doodles MSDS here.