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5D Diamond Art Painting Kits

Diamond painting is a mindful, relaxing hobby that involves creating beautiful designs with intricate 'diamond' beads. It's like cross stitch meets Paint by Numbers! Diamond Art has quickly become the latest trend in craft projects and has gained popularity due to its easy technique. It is also known as 5D diamond art, mosaic or embroidery. Small, shiny diamonds (beads/drills) are applied to a sticky canvas or wooden background to create a beautiful, 5D work of art which can be hung on a wall or given as a gift.

5D crystals create an incredible sparkle when placed near light sources due to the multi-faceted, shiny angles of each bead. These tiny acrylic 'diamonds' or 'crystals' can be opaque with shiny surfaces, or translucent which allows light to shine through each diamond.

Each one of our 5D Diamond Painting Art kits contains all the necessary materials to start right away. Each kit creates a small wooden charm which can be attached to a keyring, used as a hanging ornament, or made into a fridge magnet. (magnets available separately.) Outer packaging may vary, therefore prices have been adjusted accordingly where applicable.